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AFAICT, the only official mentions of Maleffluent are in the 2E modules Castle Spulzeer (TSR-9544) and The Forgotten Terror (TSR-9537). The rest appears to be fan-made content. Therefore: bad news: you have to make it up yourself (or borrow from someone else). good news: you get to make it up yourself (or borrow from someone else).


Taking MrLemon's suggestion and googling site:http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/aberrations/ negative produces 6 results, which after filtering out 'negative level' reduces to 3 aberrations with negative energy abilities, though not necessarily breath weapons. They are as follows: Trench Mist Havero Drakainia Of all of those, the Trench ...


Are the three D&D artifacts directly inspired by Thor's three artifacts? Yes. The synergistic relationship was established in Supplement 4 to OD&D (God, Demi-Gods, and Heroes, 1976, authors Ward & Kuntz, ed. Kask). This predates AD&D. Found on pages 23 and 24 is Thor's equipment that includes: Mjolnir: The magical Hammer of Thor. ...


From the original text in 1e DMG: If the wielder wears any girdle of giant strength and gauntlets of ogre power in addition, he or she may properly wield the weapon if the hammer's true name is known. When swung or hurled it gains a +5, double damage dice, all girdle and gauntlets bonuses, and strikes dead any giant' upon which it scores a hit. ...


In case you're still looking for it, I found it on Google. It originated on 4chan, but has ended up on both reddit and imgur. You can find it below.


5e is great for new players. I personally started out on 5e, with the only previous experience with D&D in general being a single session of 3.5 that ended in disaster. 5e is a very intuitive system that has a surprisingly low amount of math involved. You don't get nearly as many bonuses to your rolls as you did in previous editions, and situational ...


I found no information regarding the age of Owlbears. I searched my old books (Editions are in the list below). I searched my old magazines (Dragon & Dungeon - covering 2nd and 3.5 Edition). I couldn't find anything on the lifespan of Owlbears. I couldn't even find anything about their ages in World of Warcraft d20, where there are multiple species of ...

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