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Yes, Warforged Barbarians suffer no ill-effects after raging. From Races of Eberron, page 23: As a warforged, your Constitution bonus allows you to rage longer, your immunity to fatigue means you suffer no ill effect when your rage ends, ...


It does not get fatigued Well, technically what happens is the rage tries to apply the condition and then the barbarian ignores it, but "immunity" is pretty explicit - the warforged cannot suffer the effects of fatigue.


Do they have functioning jaws? Yes. Although warforged don't need to eat or drink just to survive, the rules state that they are capable of eating and drinking (for example, to use a potion or benefit from a heroes' feast). It's not hard to imagine a warforged drinking without jaws, but eating without jaws is much more of a stretch. Do they speak by moving ...


Undefined Warforged in some of the illustrations appear to have a functional mouth/jaw, but how necessary that is for talking (for example, how understandable they would be if gagged) is up to the GM. I recommend simply deciding what is necessary for a warforge to be able to speak (unimpeded mouth/jaw, partially unimpeded mouth/jaw, or just a speaker ...

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