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I haven't played DDO since before it went free-to-play, so it's quite likely some stuff has changed. However, certain issues are probably still in place. Like most MMO games (and many RPGs in general), the NPCs in DDO tend to ignore anything past their line of sight other than a few scripted sequences. So the players can hang out in one room for hours and ...


It would require a DM ruling. The developers didn't create a bullet point for every 'what if' scenario available. Some were added after the fact, hence Dragon magazine. If you want to have a bloodline that falls out of the published material provided, who would arbitrate the bloodlines from other animals? It would have to be your DM.


I don't know if anyone has adapted the specific storylines of the MMO, but 4e does have both an Eberron Campaign Guide and an Eberron Players Guide. They're currently available for ~$15 total on amazon. These books contain rules for Artificers, Kalashtar, Warforged, and Changelings, as well as information about the various controlling houses, with feats ...

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