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There is not a single answer for this. See the morph prices, acquire services table in the rep section, and the gear cost table in the gear section for costs. Swapping from a morph in good condition to a morph of similar value in the same station is pretty cheap. A rep network check or similar skill to find an available morph. A moderate favor or ...


For the sake of this answer, I will be limiting myself to four sources: the main EP book, Transhuman, Zone Stalkers, and Sunward. This may mean that I have some missing information. The general rationale behind this is that this is the survey of all the places that talk about Earth (core, Sunward, and Transhuman), and x-risk style campaign hooks (EP book, ...


I believe that the original intent is to buy them using the CP cost; morphs in Eclipse Phase are some of the few things subject to scarcity, so cost and availability are not necessarily going to be 1:1 like they are for guns or computers; you might not see a Fury get horribly inflated prices (because there's another 40k credit morph that can more or less ...


You have missed the following rule on p137 in Purchase Gear section (step 6 of character creation): The one exception to buying gear with Credit is the purchase of additional morphs. Characters may buy extra morphs during character creation, but they must be bought with CP. So all morphs must be bought using CP.

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