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No, that's not going to work. Gunnery covers how to use and maintain vehicle-mounted and fixed-emplacement weapons; the skill doesn't let you use anything attached to a vehicle, it gives you skill with the kind of weapons that get attached to vehicles, which are fundamentally different beasts than pistols and rifles. Field guns require specialised knowledge ...


This sorta stuff falls under the "Not Fun, Forget It" rule. If you're worrying about it, then it isn't fun. Realistically, they'd be able to connect to Meshes, but it'd be slow. You would have several minutes to several hours of delay between transmitting and receiving data. So, possible, but a pain.


Best way I've found to think of it is to think about Morphs like you do cars. They range from a $1000 dollar junker (Case) to half-million dollar Supercars (Remade). To most people in EP bodies are a significant cost, but not an insane one. There's even a bit in one of the books where they explain that people normally swap morphs every few years, just like ...


http://eclipsephase.oook.ch/Creator/version4/index.php This is a fully fleshed character generator which uses the Corebook method. From what I can tell everything is accurate, and you can use it for leveling too. I recommend transferring to another character sheet just because the one it saves to is rather bad in my opinion, but the generator is perfectly ...


I'd say quarter of Fray for dodging an unguided missile or grenade, as half is for guided projectiles or bullets/lasers which would be much harder to dodge. I'm not a fan of the multiple aptitude rolls in the core book and just simplify them to aptitude x3. Explosions decrease in damage by 1 DV every meter you're away from the center of the explosion, so ...


Yes you can. Transhuman adds an AGI background called Emergent AGI Uplift for normal AIs that were later reprogrammed into AGIs. It's on Transhuman pg. 78. I'd say to play it out make it a long term Programming Task-Action. Look at the background I told you about for some idea of what sort of personality traits your Muse-cum-AGI might have.


The data given in Eclipse Phase do seem to fly in the face of existing facts, unfortunately. As you note, existing laser link technology is already up to the task. The MESSENGER probe established laser link with a terrestrial station(!) from 24 million km in 2006. That's not even a quarter of an AU, but it's over four orders of magnitude further than what ...


As the page 296 states, an active ego can only be broadcast 10,000 km - an insignificant distance, cosmically speaking. This capability is likely what page 275 refers to. Note that the quantum faracasting the quote refers to is not quantum entangled FTL communication, but rather a way of encrypting any other communication method - see page 314 for details. ...


There's a good discussion of how to break out the costs of muse improvement over at the official Eclipse Phase forum: http://www.eclipsephase.com/nonstandard-muses . Note that if they're coming up with their own rules for this in the EP forum, it's because it's not covered in the books.

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