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Only mistresses and wives are mentioned in pregnancy, so looks like you're safe there!


Limited Bravery and how you get to modify your death rolls. You place in your orders Bravery: 8 (we're going to be silly brave) Scenario 1: The death number set by the GM is equal to or lower than 8. What happens: Nothing, he rolls 2d6 and if that number is equal to or higher than the set death number, you die. If it is less, your character lives and then ...


It looks like you have to rebuy your commission in any new regiment you join. That means paying up for the your desired rank and any rank lower than the one you are buying. The exception would be serving at the frontier or in the RNHR where you keep your commission (as you maintain your place in your existing regiment).


Based on the wording of it and the fact that "Regimental Duties" falls under week long activities. I'd say that it is also week long activity. So if you'd like to attend the academy you cannot do anything else that week.


Commisons may be purchased at any time Section K says: After joining a regiment, a character may be promoted only if there is an opening of the next rank in the regiment. If an opening appears in a regiment, a character may purchase that rank at any time, as long as all requirements are met and the opening is still vacant. This suggests that you ...


To quote the rules: The social standing of the regiments is the order in which they are listed on Regiment table A, the Royal Foot Guards being the highest and the frontier regiments the lowest. It's exactly the next sentence after what you've quoted.


Initial EXP counts for all your weapons. When you train or gain EXP with a certain weapon your EXP with only that weapon increases. In dueling: The winner of a duel increases his expertise with the dueling weapon by one. A surviving loser of a duel receives credit for one practice session. (My emphasis) In practice: Characters may practice to ...


To supplement wax eagles' answer: Ranks above Major are not transferrable without: Resigning. Buying a commission in the new regiment to Major. Using "influence" to gain instantaneous promotion to Lieutenant Colonel or higher. Which is exactly the same process and buying yourself a Colonelcy.

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