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Each item in the core books has a listed encumbrance value. A character can carry 5 plus his brawn score worth of items. An item emcumbrance value does not equal weight per se, but how much effort you have to make to carry it around without trouble. And by trouble i mean one setback (black) on all checks related to agility or brawn. If you go above twice ...


In D&D 5e the words take their common English definitions: effect something that is produced by an agency or cause; result; consequence Whether it weighs nothing or has its original weight or becomes a supermassive black hole is irrelevant the equipment "... has no effect."


Take the rules at face value The simplest answer is: it becomes part of the Druid while in the Wild Shape form, and returns to its normal condition (loot, equipment, whatever) once the Druid reverts to humanoid form. It otherwise has no other impact. (As written). Is this a potential loophole or added benefit of the Wild Shape form? Yes. Is it game ...

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