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This is a short answer contributed by a non-member, since I've asked this question a few times and felt the need to answer. I should note I'm going from a RULES-SPECIFIC response. Tehe run-the-chain-through-your-body thing is pretty cool; I just always imagined some aspect of the spiked chain required the length of chain travel between your hands for ...


I only know about Cahulaks because of Polisurgist's answer. Cahulaks from Dark Sun are essentially two grappling hooks connected by a rope. From the Dark Sun Campaign Guide: Cahulaks: This double weapon features two four-bladed, hafted heads separated by a length of rope. The secondary end is light enough to be used as an off-hand weapon. When one end ...


Cahulaks from Dark Sun are very similar to grappling hooks; you could start there and make some stat changes and have a good start to a grappling hook-themed combat style.

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