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The book is correct. For the reason why level 6-9 spells exist for the Warlock when their Pact Magic slots cap at 5, check the Mystic Arcanum class feature on PHB p.108. Mystic Arcanum At 11th level, your patron bestows upon you a magical secret called an arcanum. Choose one 6th level spell from the warlock spell list as this arcanum. You can ...


Page 443 of the Core Rulebook in the Identification section states: Type | Avail | Cost Fake Sin (Rating 1-6) | (Rating x 3)F | Rating x 2,500¥


No. The books are not updated; if you buy them, you are expected take care of the updates yourself, by perusing the official rule update PDFs. The alternative used to be simple: buy a subscription to D&D Insider. However, with the fifth edition coming soon, who knows how long they will keep the 4e sites running...

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