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Does this mean the players spend all intended hit dice for healing and then benefit from song of rest? [...] I believe you are looking at this the wrong way and, thereby, make the feature more unwieldy then it is. At the end of a short rest you can recover hit points by spending Hit Dice. I quote from Short Rest on page 186 of the PHB: [...] A ...


During a short rest, hit dice are only ever spent at the end. The Song is first, then the healing from rest and hit dice, then the Song applies to those who healed with hit dice. The point of the errata is that the hitpoints gained at the end of the rest must have (at least in part) come from resting (and hence a hit die), as opposed to healing via spell or ...


Finally the german book got it's errata (german forum) for the second edition of Run & Gun ("Kreuzfeuer"). The Onotari Arms Ballista MML has an accuracy of 4(5). The increased accuracy is possibly a result of using the included laser designator as a laser sight. The Mitsubishi Yakusoku MRL has an accurcy of 4(6). The increased accuracy comes from it's ...


It was not updated with the errata It is really hard to prove a negative, but the most recent official document (which insider is not) states that it was changed to no action. So the Insider is wrong, and a hybrid Paladin|Fighter makes sense now.

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