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Several 5e designers have addressed rules questions over twitter—Jeremy Crawford, Mike Mearls, Chris Perkins and Rodney Thompson.1 However, Mearls stated in his reddit AMA that his answers are in his experience only and Crawford is the "official rules expert." Perkins also tweeted that Crawford is the "resident rules sage" and affirmed that Crawford provides ...


Although I don't have a direct quote or link, WOTC has stated that this is to be a living rules set with changes as needed. They do intend to have errata, but they are not trying to rush an answer and the intent they provided about the issue of errata was that they want to go to the community itself to find appropriate answers (much the same way as they did ...


The best place to start looking for errata is the archived errata page on Wizards.com. They're sorted by version (3.5/3.0), then by book. I don't know of any case where there's an official errata that isn't listed there. The Complete Champion errata is listed there, for example. In addition, some 3.0 books have a conversion guide to update them to 3.5. ...


This page is where all of the 3.0/3.5 errata and faqs were moved. All you have to do is navigate to the main DnD archive page and search for "3.5 errata" in the upper-right hand search bar. To clarify: If the book is listed, then it has errata. Most of the file names also include dates.

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