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I like to use this method of building NPCs, I make them SO much faster now that I don't try to define their entire charmset: Pick three to five Abilities they focus in. Pick three to five Charms from each of those abilities that really define what you want them to be like. They have those Charms and any interesting prerequisites for them. Pick a combat ...


In this particular case, Anydice's count function is the right choice. So to count the number of hits you'll get (on average), you get: output [count {5, 6} in 13d6] And for the sprite: output [count {5, 6} in 14d6] To compare how often you'll get more hits than it does use the formula: output [count {5, 6} in 13d6] > [count {5, 6} in 14d6] ...

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