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Encounter Level doesn't affect XP Awards This is explained in greater detail in the Dungon Master's Guide on Experience Rewards (36-7), but creatures generate XP through their Challenge Ratings. The DM can modify both the Challenge Rating (hence the XP award) and the Encounter Level of an encounter as described in Modifying XP Awards and Encounter Levels ...


Yes, you are doing well. Your math is ok. And increasing an effective EL based on the party condition is also good thing, as I see it. You may be interested in Encounter Calculator if you don't already know of it.


Yes. There is such an example in the Player's Handbook on page 54, as part of the description of the sorcerer's familiar class feature: For example, suppose that Hennet is a 3rd-level sorcerer with 3,230 XP when his owl familiar is killed by a bugbear. Hennet makes a successful saving throw, so he loses 300 XP, dropping him below 3,000 XP and back to 2nd ...

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