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In Gamemaster's Compendium (p96 of 3rd edition - I doubt anything changed here) the corresponding passage sounds as follows: Gathering Magical Treasure Everything your player characters carry away from defeated creatures or other opponents is loot. However, treasure is the only kind of loot worth Legend Points. Characters acquire treasure through ...


A character should be able to get to Insight 150, the total needed for Rank 2, with an additional 30-40 XP (for a total of 70-80 XP) but keep in mind that Insight can vary wildly between characters with the same XP total. When deciding how much XP to give consider your players; players who tend to min/max will need less XP to get to Insight 150 than ones ...


an additional 40 should get you at or close to rank 2. It depends on the school and the builds used. 50-55 would likely put most players into mid-upper rank 2.

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