Fading Suns is a science-fiction space opera published by Holistic Design, Inc. There are two versions of the system - the original Victory Point System, and the OGL d20 adaptation of the game released in 2000.

Redbrick Designs licensed the game for production in 2007, and dropped d20 support, publishing a revised version of the game.

In 2012, Redbrick Designs retired from the game publishing business, and the rights reverted to Holistic Designs.

The Victory Point System (VPS) is a skill and attribute based dice pool system. Revised in 2007 to streamline the system, a further revision was released as the Second Edition when Holistic Designs reacquired the rights.

The background of the system is reminiscent of Frank Herbert's Dune with a powerful church placing restrictions on technology based on past experiences with it's abuse. Then encroaching meta-plot of the fading of the suns is also a driving force in the game.

This tag is appropriate to either version of the system.

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