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I don't see why this wouldn't work, as nothing prevents you from taking a reaction on your turn. Thus the action sequence of: Wizard uses action to Ready Shocking Grasp for familiar to cast Familiar moves part of it's movement Familiar uses reaction to cast Shocking Grasp (Wizard also uses reaction to use readied action) Familiar uses action to do ...


The only long term effect under normal circumstances (you can recast the spell) is the material cost of 10 gp worth charcoal, incense and herbs.


It's just a temporary inconvenience, except in a singular case. Basically, all that a familiar's death means is that you'll have to recast Find Familiar at your earliest convenience (so it means the loss of a spell slot for a day if you have a time pressure and can't take 10 minutes to cast it). The spell/ritual does cost 10gp, but that's a pretty trivial ...


No. Please see the Arcane Bloodline page under the Arcane Bond section. This ability does not allow you to have both a familiar and a bonded item. Since the Arcanist bloodline development relies on the Sorcerer arcane bloodline and does not specifically alter the way this ability functions, it does not allow you to break the restriction.


All of these creatures are in the Monster Manual. However, you can also find the ones that don't appear in the PHB in the D&D Basic Rules posted on the WotC web site.


They're in the Appendix of the Monster Manual.

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