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As stated in other answers, the Natural Armor bonus is its own type. In terms of stacking bonuses, the general rule is that bonuses of the same type don't stack and only the highest is applied. So if you have the bonus from the hedgehog familiar and you buy an Amulet of Natural Armor +1, the bonuses do not stack and you still only have a natural armor bonus ...


You said it yourself: "It provides me with a natural armor bonus of +1." "Natural armor" is the bonus type.


"Natural armor" is its own bonus type, which has its own fairly uncomplex stacking rules -- most importantly, it stacks with "armor" bonuses, and does not apply to touch AC.


Exactly what your familiar does while in passive mode is unspecified, and entirely fluff. (Arcane Power says "perching on your shoulder or hiding in your pocket," but those are just examples. Later in the same chapter, it also says "you can also what happens when your familiar enters passive mode.") Mechanically, a passive familiar is little different from a ...

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