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Finding such a game is a very, very hard challenge. I've been on almost the same situation. I wanted a game that I could play together with one or two other players, without the need for me or someone else to GM the game. My criteria of what would be ideal to me where almost the same, with the exception of the tiles and miniatures, which I was never really ...


This might be a bad answer, because I know nothing about it, but given everything you've already ruled out, maybe you should give the Mythic GM Emulator a chance? Otherwise, I think you'll find that GMless games fall into one of two categories: 1: Not much interested in crawling through dungeons or 2: Boardgames


I know you ruled out board games like Warhammer Quest, but maybe you want to try what we did when we got from school into the real life (tm) and suddenly were out of a regular group and the loads of time that we once had: At first, we played Warhammer Quest. It was fun. It was mindless, without preparation, you could play it with a different group the next ...


I'm not sure what you consider a board game, since most RPGs are essentially a form of board games, but since your concern was narrative-driven games, I'd point you toward Mice & Mystics. I've played it with my family and the system is dynamic enough to be fun and challenging, but simple enough to jump right in. It has 10 "missions" that tell the initial ...

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