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I draw out a 18 shot track that is 3x6 squares. That means for the standard actions (attacking or actively defending) I just have to move the token representing the character either down one row for an attack or across one column for a active defence. No maths required.


I never needed more than a slightly expanded version of the shot counter they print in the book (just so you could stack up plenty of tokens next to each number). basically that down the middle of an 8 1/2x11 sheet of paper so that I can get a line of 6 or so tokens lined up out to the side of each number. I used shell casings (for flair) or dice with a ...


Here are the most important changes off the top of my head. Starting Archetypes are now largely fixed. The amount of customization you get to do on your beginning character has been drastically reduced. To more or less zero for most Archetypes (AT) in fact. Attributes have been eliminated Remember Mind, Body, Chi and Reflexes ? Well, forget'em. Your Skills,...


If you agree on using a computer, spreadsheet is your best buddy. I've been DMing FengShui a lot and tried several things but a spreadsheet seems the more efficient. Here is how I organise it: Each column is a named or mook char: contains its name, wounds count/number of mook, initiative score, bonus info (such as main combat skill, weapon/spell, current ...

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