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No, they can't. This is because you didn't use an action that allows you to sustain the grab. The text you've quoted pertaining to sustaining a grab appears to be from the 'Grab' section on page 290 of the Player's Handbook. That section talks about a specific action called 'Grab' that results in a grab. If you use that action, you can sustain it in such a ...


No, the grab ends. To sustain the grab, it must still be active, but those powers force an end on the grab.


You can't use Two-Weapon Fighting with an Unarmed Strike, because Two-Weapon Fighting can only be used with light melee weapons, and an Unarmed Strike is not light. However, if you take the Dual Wielder feat, you can use Two-Weapon Fighting with one-handed melee weapons that aren't light, such as Unarmed Strikes.


Yes. Unarmed strikes are weapons, listed right there in the table of weapons on page 149 of the Player's Handbook.


Apology Now that the character that originally prompted the question has actually reached level 7, and that I've had about 9 months of DM experience, I've revisited this question to see what we came up with. I think that the answer I originally gave is pretty decent, it has some upvotes, and I don't want to remove it, but I don't think that it's what I'm ...

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