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From the 13th Age SRD: Some classes have spells or talents that enable flight. The movement rules for flight are the same as for other movement, except that, as long as there is space available, you can fly over enemies you’re not engaged with without allowing them to take opportunity attacks against you. You can be intercepted only by other flyers that ...


I would rule that yes you can, but you would need to train the horse to follow flying commands, and not panic. It takes time to train a horse for even basic riding. But if a player wants to invest the time, sure. Sounds awesome and fun.


can I cast Fly on my horse? It's a creature and so is a valid target. Can it be considered a willing creature? Probably; its willing to let you climb on its back, however, your DM has the final call on this. See Can you make an unwilling creature willing? In other words, what defines “willing”? If so, will I be able to ride it while flying? ...

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