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Yes. Reverse Gravity states: All creatures [...] that aren't somehow anchored to the ground in the area fall upward... It says nothing about flying creatures being unaffected. Therefore they are affected.


Straight from a physics perspective, if the flight is winged in benefit, then it would be a straight physics fall. So in a straight physics argument, I'd say you get no extra falling damage benefit for your PC's flying on downward decent. That's just gravity and your PC's mass (dependent on how we interpret the body of wind discipline's no fall damage ...


Your first question is utterly undefined in the rules. I have searched high and low for an answer to that question, and it just does not exist. Any time one move action involves different movement modes (and thus different speeds), how much you can actually move is just one big question mark. The most “fair” thing is to pro-rate your movement speeds (e.g. ...


Yes, the eagle can use a Standard Action to attack and then a Move Action to fly 80 feet. Or, it can use one Move Action to walk 10 feet, and forego its Standard Action to take a second Move Action and fly 80 feet. It definitely cannot do both of these to move 90 feet with a single move: A climbing thief can use part of his speed to climb down a short ...


Pretty much the only thing that is allowed to attack and have its full movement are the characters/ players. due to the fact they are given a free action, moving action, and other action which is usually an attack. But I'd check the DM's guide and Monsters guide to double check for curtain monsters/creatures


No; a creature can change modes of travel so long as its total movement doesn't exceed 100% of all its modes together. If the hawk you describe has movement of 20/fly 80 then walking 10 feet uses 50% of its movement, leaving 50% or 40 feet available for flying. This would be a 5 foot step and it would be able to do a full attack.


Your DM might allow you to "drop to the floor". That is a free action and RAW does not prohibit it to mounted characters. (Though RAI is probably that you drop with your own feet on the ground, that is why I'd say you need to ask.) You could then use your move action to stabilize during your fall and the standard action to fireball. For a non-flying ...

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