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Evil? We're SAVING the world! No one thinks they're the villain. Outside of a few very adolescent power fantasy type cults, nearly every other cult is based in imagining it's doing something for either the greater good or at least the good of it's members, and has rationalized all the things it has to do in that regard. Sacrifice a baby? The baby was ...


The horse breeds are in the Champions of Valor monster section, hidden under the "Agents of Good" heading (starting on page 153).


Just from reading the product blurbs on Wizards' product catalog, the upcoming Tyranny of Dragons series of adventures sees the Cult of the Dragon trying to bring Tiamat into the Realms, and the Harpers & Zhentarim banding together to fight against them. This could conceivably lead to mass destruction and upheaval. As Joshua said, to know for sure, we'll ...


Some random thoughts, based purely on half-remembered Wikipedia and magazine articles on the subject of cults. To be taken with a heaping helping of salt. No one labels their own faith a “cult.” The term is always used by others to describe the group. For the purposes of this answer, I assume “cult” is a relatively small group of ...

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