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Don't be racist - drow are people too. :) They have many personalities and could have a wide range of responses from calling the party blasphemers and instantly attacking them to reverent awe that this power was possible. Having a druid in spider shape would probably be met with curiosity - why is that a spider not eating these vermin? Having a player ...


In general, the other languages within the Forgotten Realms do have numerals. For example, the Draconic Alphabet with numerals can be found on the Forgotten Realms Wikia. Though I could not find written Primordial or Supernal alphabets, given that the other written instances of alphabets have numerals, I think you are safe to say they all do. However, I ...


All non-mechanical information can be treated as suggestions. And some of the mechanical stuff, too, if you wish. If your dragon races need digits, they can have digits, or they can spell out all their numbers. It's your game, you get to own it.

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