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Not exclusively. Does the #dnd tabletop RPG have one official setting? The answer is yes. That setting is the multiverse, which includes all #dnd worlds. – a tweet by @JeremyECrawford (Emphasis mine.) In case you're wondering (just like I was) who Jeremy Crawford is, and how serious / official is what he says, he is (...) one of the two lead ...


If you are looking at the timeline from 1st to 5th edition, then it is a timespan of about 132 years. 1st edition was set in 1357 DR, while 5th edition (The Sundering) is placed at 1484 DR, and the Adventurers League play starts in 1489 DR. This places it in line with the Phandelver, since Hotenow erupted in 1451 DR. Numbers taken from ...

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