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According to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd Edition supplement Sea of Fallen Stars (1999), the Sea is mostly saltwater with some freshwater: Most of the races within the Inner Sea breathe only saltwater, since that is more than 99% of its total volume. However, near the coastal shallows and at inlets where rivers drain into SerĂ´s, brackish ...


Seawater is colloquially used to mean saltwater. While there are a few named seas that aren't saltwater and oceanographers do not use sea scientifically - most seas are saltwater. What makes a body of water salt versus fresh water comes down to 3 factors: how big is the body, how old is the body, and how many tributaries enter the body. The Sea of Fallen ...


The biggest center of learning in the Forgotten Realms is Candlekeep, which is just south of Baldur's Gate on the Sword Coast. Another good candidate would be Silverymoon in the North. It has always been the academic and magical center of the region, and a large part of its population is made of elves.

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