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Self in memories is remembered as Me/myself/I and not by individual. That's the correction I saw during the playtests, at least. So, if flooding or bleeding, the relevant component is what gets replaced. In your example, Mikes's memory would have been "Bob gave the quadrostar somoflange to me when I visited Bob's workshop." If you flood the whole thing to ...


You can engage tech, recalibrate, error correct, or burn as an action. If you burned something to 0, you can no longer use it. If you use something, you can burn it during the challenge as long as it has at least one point left to burn.


Memories have an implicit "I remember..." even if not expressly written as such, and the user with the memory is always the "I" in a memory.


The Memories chapter of the Operations Manual breaks memories down into component parts called concepts: person, place, object, group, and action. The person component, however, refers explicitly to a person other than the memory's author. Concepts are fixed, and "author" is a kind of unspecified open slot, so Joe would indeed remember Bob giving Joe the ...


Page 120 lists the profile for a sweep.


There's no limit to the amount of bugs any user can hold. Bugs are wiped out at the end of a session so use 'em or lose 'em!

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