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The odds of getting 3 of the same result out of four are 33%. For each set of Four Fudge dice there are a total of 27 different roll results with 3 alternate outcomes per set of rolls, +, -, and o. For a total of 81 possible results. Those outcomes are below: ++++ ++-+ ++o+ +++- ++-- ++o- +++o ++-o ++oo +-++ +--+ +-o+ +-+- +--- +-o- +-+o +--o +-oo +o++ ...


There are 81 possible permutations of this roll. Of these, 3 have all 4 results the same, and 24 have 3 results the same. This gives us a probability of 27/81 or 33.33%, for at least 3 results the same, and 24/81 or 29.63% for exactly 3 results the same.


The probability of 3 of any one result is 33.33%. Here's why: The basic probability of getting at least 3 of any one outcome of fudge dice is 11.11%. This is 1/9. The fact that you have 3 possibile results from a set where the outcome of any 3 dice is 11% means that the overall probability is 33.33%. Showing my work. This program utilizes the fact that ...

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