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Introduction The thoughts and opinions I provide below are based upon some basic experience with hiring talented creators for a few projects throughout the years, but more so in my own experience with finding work as a creative writer and designer. First thoughts As gathered from your question, it is clear that your vision for the game is very important ...


The way I tested game balance for my Savage Worlds house rules and fan supplements was to write a combat simulator, and run hundreds of millions of battles between a wide variety of different opponents. I also used the same approach to estimate the relative strength of different abilities.


Having such numerical rules of thumb are both design decisions and design guidelines There is no “correct” ratio of monster damage to player damage or player HP to player damage, but these kinds of ratios are well worth thinking about. They influence balance, but also influence the play and feel of your game. If HP is about 4× damage, you ...


There's definitely rules about approximate math, but these are all system specific, and, depending on the skill and work done by the designers, these may already be known or they may be those things that you only find out after lots and lots of play. I would look to see if there's any kind of min-maxer boards or messages for Savage Worlds specifically and ...

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