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Shadows of Esteren It is a medieval-style fantasy setting based loosely on Scotland, and caste in a dark, gritty light. Magic and monsters are very much part of world, which makes it a dark and scary place for the common person to inhabit. The setting is detailed in the source book. It provides multiple social/political factions and groups that ...


Demon Queen's Enclave is an adventure set in a Drow settlement in the Underdark aimed to take characters from14th to 17th level. I've played through it as a player and found it was less railroaded than some other 4th Edition published adventures.


Anima: Beyond Fantasy is a game inspired by western fantasy with a manga-inspired kinaesthetic. Dark: It is. Not all the time - but the darkness is always waiting below the surface, and will form a significant element of most campaigns. There are spells that annihilate souls; Creatures dwell in the wake of the world feeding on fear and hope; There are ...


I would be looking at games with some form of motivation mechanics built in - where the characters get bonuses or improvements based on their motivations and emotional states. Here's some games you might consider: Primetime Adventures PTA mechanics are very light, it does not have any tactical element, but it is very good at drama. It can emulate ...

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