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On page 270 of Genius: The Transgression, it says that "untemplated humans" are capable of triggering Havoc. Hunters of the first two Tiers don't have a template, so they're considered normal for these purposes. However, Hunters of Tier III should probably count as supernatural for this purpose; if you've got monster parts implanted in you, experimental ...


Genius: The Transgression was developed on RPG.NET; as a result, you'll find the mass of its fan base and development community there. Here's a link to the most current thread on the game; its origins can be found at this link.


I would say it is well in the spirit of the game to craft Wonders that are not physical objects. Your examples do all make sense to me, but I can think of other examples that are quite common in the "mad scientist / mad engineer" genre and are not physical objects: alterations of themselves and/others (through genetic manipulation, injections, nanobots, ...

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