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If you are tired of pin-point accuracy, I would suggest you stop using a grid system. In my experience, it's fairly easy to switch to a non-grid system while still using minis. Actually in one of my campaigns, we frequently switch between them, based on the level of sloth we're feeling. Ultimately, it's up to you as DM to facilitate this change. So, why ...


House Rule Suggestion: Firing into Melee For the last few months my group has been using a house rule for 5e we've called, "Firing into Melee". It adds two rules Two creatures are in melee if either has attempted to attack the other within the last round and neither creature has moved since then. An area effect (be it spell, attack, trap, or something ...


Here's one option: The wizard can point to any square they like, and the fireball is centered there, just like the spell implies, but there's nothing to say they have infinite time to figure out optimal placement -- in reality people are moving, distances are hard to judge, and so on -- if they have to stare at the map and start counting squares, then the ...


Have the spellcaster's player drop a d6 onto the map from 20-Dexterity inches height. Where the die lands is where the fireball detonates.

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