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Give the characters different information on the situation (perhaps on individual briefing sheets or pre-prepared secret notes) gained from their own experience. Perhaps give them reasons they don't want to share it? Then put them in a situation where if they don't talks and share something bad happens and they know it.


I have been through a lot of games and my GM has always made it so that we lack certain qualities that another will have. That way instead of just doing it ourselves we start to rely on those people. So let's say you have a door that's locked. Instead of the mainline warrior knocking it down, have the crafty thief pick the lock. Or have it so that they have ...


I realize it's an old question. My answer will be written as if it's not, but hopefully can be generalized. In my experience, my characters have never had trouble with the other characters unless I also had trouble with the other players. And by the description you gave in your question, you are not only having communication and validation issues between ...

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