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Basic damage modifiers for vampires are listed on page 125. Remember that damage in GUMSHOE is always d6+a modifier, so in the case of mr longtaloned vampire, he'd be hitting for 1d6 (a +0 modifier, as per the table). Base Aberrance and Health are really up to the Director. Aberrance less than 8 indicate a comparatively non-supernatural threat; 12+ opens ...


No. The standard use of an Invetigative skill is to describe the use of that skill in an appropriate manner. Doing so does not use a point. If this is done while in the presence of a clue, the clue should be revealed. That's all. From Kulp's Gumshoe 101 If you have 1 or more points in any of these, you're an expert at it. This matters because during ...


Not Mechanically Harder Why? The point of Gumshoe is that getting the clue is boring - but doing something with it is interesting. If you have not described the witness' resistance to intimidation, why thwart the players' agency and go against this core tenet of the game? If you have described it, why are your players pursuing this avenue? Since there ...


If you skip ahead to some of the sample vampires, there is a quick calculator for these abilities based on the length of unlife (page 143; the writeup of a Linea Dracula leech). It looks like most vampires begin with about 10 Aberrance, and Health & combat abilities comparable to a PC.

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