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It has been a long time since I played a game of GUMSHOE, so I'll try my best. Both of these types of actions involve more than one character, more than one performer of the deed. As you've understood the mechanical difference, let's move to the conceptual one. Piggybacking A piggybacking is an action in which someone performs a deed and all of the other ...


Basic damage modifiers for vampires are listed on page 125. Remember that damage in GUMSHOE is always d6+a modifier, so in the case of mr longtaloned vampire, he'd be hitting for 1d6 (a +0 modifier, as per the table). Base Aberrance and Health are really up to the Director. Aberrance less than 8 indicate a comparatively non-supernatural threat; 12+ opens ...


If you skip ahead to some of the sample vampires, there is a quick calculator for these abilities based on the length of unlife (page 143; the writeup of a Linea Dracula leech). It looks like most vampires begin with about 10 Aberrance, and Health & combat abilities comparable to a PC.

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