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You get the 'elf' things, not the 'half-elf' things Being 'Half-Dragon' only changes the things the template says it changes and derived attributes, nothing more or less. Furthermore 'half-elves' are fluff-wise half-elf-half-human; any other half-elf-half-something races would need to be developed separately.


TL;DR On paper, you start off with Elf, then you apply everything that Half-Dragon says to apply. So you are an elf, that is half-dragon. Roleplaying-wise you would indeed be "half-elf/half-dragon." But unless you start off as Half-Elf as a base creature, you don't get to enjoy what half-elves get. Here is what you do: A half-dragon uses all the base ...


Webster defined bent as follows: BENT, participle passive Strained; incurvated; made crooked; inclined; subdued. ( In this sentence, the word "bent" is used to show that half-elves are inclined to chaotic alignments. In other words, their alignment bends toward chaos rather than law.


Bent used in this case refers to a tendency, a leaning towards. Half-elves share the chaotic tendencies of their elven heritage.

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