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Webster defined bent as follows: BENT, participle passive Strained; incurvated; made crooked; inclined; subdued. (http://webstersdictionary1828.com/Dictionary/bent). In this sentence, the word "bent" is used to show that half-elves are inclined to chaotic alignments. In other words, their alignment bends toward chaos rather than law.


Bent used in this case refers to a tendency, a leaning towards. Half-elves share the chaotic tendencies of their elven heritage.


Battlemind|Ardent is one of my favorite hybrid combinations, but it's not without its issues, and like anything with battlemind in it, it can't defend until Lightning Rush at level 7. If this game is a level 5 one-shot, I'd steer clear. Mind Spike is incredibly easy for your DM to avoid. If it's starting at level 5, well, then you'll spend less time useless ...

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