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You get the 'elf' things, not the 'half-elf' things Being 'Half-Dragon' only changes the things the template says it changes and derived attributes, nothing more or less. Furthermore 'half-elves' are fluff-wise half-elf-half-human; any other half-elf-half-something races would need to be developed separately.


TL;DR On paper, you start off with Elf, then you apply everything that Half-Dragon says to apply. So you are an elf, that is half-dragon. Roleplaying-wise you would indeed be "half-elf/half-dragon." But unless you start off as Half-Elf as a base creature, you don't get to enjoy what half-elves get. Here is what you do: A half-dragon uses all the base ...


Yes, if your DM is ok with you making a custom Background Everything you've listed looks good to me, but be wary that your DM might not allow custom backgrounds. Allowing players to create their own backgrounds is useful, and often fitting, but can sometimes serve to lessen the impact of a background on a character. Backgrounds in 5e are as supposed to be ...


You cannot trade away your Dilettante power with Thirst for Blood. From PHB1, pg27, Half-Elves (emphasis mine): Dilettante: At 1st level, you choose an at-will power from a class different from yours. You can use that power as an encounter power. The key here is that the power you get from Half-Elf Dilettante is a level 1 at-will power, not an ...


Almost certainly, but ask your DM. The rules for disguising yourself are not as clear-cut in 5e as they were in previous editions. The description of the Disguise Kit just says that it contains: cosmetics, hair dye, and small props lets you create disguises that change your physical appearance That's not very specific. In addition, two of the ...


Webster defined bent as follows: BENT, participle passive Strained; incurvated; made crooked; inclined; subdued. ( In this sentence, the word "bent" is used to show that half-elves are inclined to chaotic alignments. In other words, their alignment bends toward chaos rather than law.


Yes, that is correct. When customising a background (instead of choosing one of the existing ones), you need to ask your DM first. Most players will pick one of the example backgrounds.


Bent used in this case refers to a tendency, a leaning towards. Half-elves share the chaotic tendencies of their elven heritage.


There are three points, I think, when trying to pass for another: Your disguise must be good, if you have proficiency with the disguise kit, you are allowed to add your proficiency to your ability checks (+2 at level 1); You have to be convincing, this means having to roll your ability checks (Deception check uses Charisma); if that roll fails, then your ...

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