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This is a pool of dice for you to spend at your leisure. You spend them in whatever order you want to. There's no rule to dictate which one you spend when or in what order. Thus, spend the dice that it makes sense to spend, if you're sitting there with 8 points of damage, roll the d8 (or, well, 2 of the d6s...). Some folks might feel like this is a bit ...


Generally, for things like this, if the book doesn't give you a suggested for enforced order, you can do it in any order. There is no rule that you have to use your 1st level HD die first, and your 2nd level hit point die second. There is no game balancing, or narrative reason to use one hit die over the other, it's all going to depend on what sort of ...


You get one hit dice per level of each class that you have. So if you are Wizard 3, Monk 1. you would get 1d8, 3d6 to spend how you want. Hassassin's answer has the pertinent rules quote. So while the number of Hit Dice you have is equal to your overall character level (4 in this case). The denominations of those HD are dependent on the classes you've ...


Number 3. From page 163 of the PHB: You add together the Hit Dice granted by all your classes to form your pool of Hit Dice. [...] If your classes give you Hit Dice of different types, keep track of them separately. If you are a paladin 5/cleric 5, for example, you have five d10 Hit Dice and five d8 Hit Dice.

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