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This is probably a matter of two different things that operate in unusual ways not accounting for one another. Usually, when a construct is reduced below 0 HP, it is destroyed. The limitation on rapid repair covers this case, and doesn’t work. But Clockwork Automaton has the creature become Unconscious, rather than destroyed, when below 0 HP. The ...


Another thing to remember unless it has been changed for Warforged in Pathfinder, they should be able to benefit from potions. While potions of cure _ wounds are more traditional, there is no reason potions or oils of repair _ damage cannot be created. Likewise, wands of repair _ damage can also be created, which would let characters with Use Magic Device ...


As a Warforged is treated as a construct creature, the spell Make Whole will provide between 3d6 to 5d6 of healing per 2nd level spell slot and is on the Wizard/Sorcerer Cleric spell lists.


The repair light/moderate/heavy/critical damage spells from the Eberron books? Will work as cure light/moderate/heavy/critical wounds. Sor/wiz, artificer and spellthief only. A cleric can get access to some of these by choosing the Warforged domain. Also, Total Repair (artificer 6 and warforged domain 8) is the equivalent of heal, and should keep you ...

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