Hero System is a generic, point-based system published by Hero Games.

The system now called Hero System started as Champions, The Super Role-playing Game, which tried to simulate the high-powered four-color comics of the sixties and seventies. As of the fourth edition, the system was renamed to the Hero System and genericized with different genre source books available (e.g., Star Hero, Fantasy Hero, Danger International, etc.)

It uses a point-based character construction system where each attribute and skill is purchased separately, allowing players to create a character with nearly infinite variability.

It uses a 3d6 roll-under mechanic for most rolls, except damage. The system is designed to be genre-agnostic, freeing players from the need to learn a new system every time they want to change genres. Only six-sided dice are used.

Currently Hero System is in its sixth edition, which was released in 2009.

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