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Google has a collection of images under "map of mine" that could help.


Here are a couple of points to consider: The type of mine is important. Coal or salt mines extract mass quantities of material, so can have large chambers supported by columns. Gold and silver mines typically follow veins, so are very narrow with random straight-and-bend patterns. In addition to the actual extractive sections, mines will have long, ...


The core text of the WW:WW book has been lifted in a huge part, but not wholly (naturally) from the WW:The Apocalypse book. If you have access to that, you'll find a lot of extra information there. You'll also want to check out The Rite of the Opened Caern on p.169 of the WW:WW book (and in WW:TA as well, if you can.) It explains a lot about how Caerns ...


Maps of the Paris catacombs should do the trick. Note that they're mines and not "real" catacombs. You can find more about them on the official site.

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