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It All Started With Gold Dragons The first dragons able to change shape into human form were Gold Dragons. None of the others could. On pages 11-13 of Monsters and Treasures (OD&D, 1974, TSR) there were a total of six kinds of dragons: red, blue, white, black, green, and gold. The only metallic dragons in the game were described as "being a class unto ...


Symbolism of the curved moon. The sickle is of course also associated with druids for the same reason (real druids pre-dating sickles by a long way - Pliny did not use the word although translations often do) but they don't make for good weapons.


It was simply the best way to differentiate the druid from the cleric in a martial sense. There is no secret/special/thematic message other than "this is not a cleric"- these guys have swords whereas clerics only had blunt weapons (eg it's a druid instead- a subclass of cleric). I don't believe there has been any mention of any serious basis in reality. If ...


It Isn't Based in History You won't find the answer to this element of your question in that form: ... rather an outside source that shows the historical connection) to show the origin of scimitar as a druid weapon in Dungeons and Dragons, and if, as I suspect, the scimitar was a substitute for a curved sword thought to be used by a historical ...

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