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Blogs for Ubiquity can be found at: Sechin Tower, as mentioned by Nestor has great material for running pulp adventures The Black Campbell's blog has entries on Ubiquity in general and HEX in particular from time to time. He tends to produce posts on how to run games, play reports, and gear stats. Casting Shadows, my blog, has a slowly growing collection ...


I think the following is the list of Wilderness Kids adventures and their first appearance at Gencon: Movie Mayhem ('08) Haunted House ('09) Jewels of Prometheus Falls ('10) Mummy Menace in the Museum ('10) Monkey Menace at the Zoo ('10) Revenge of the Saucer-Men ('10) Tentacles of Terror ('10) Treasure Trouble ('10) Save Christmas ('11) So far, only ...


Additions and expansions to the system include initiative, the use of magic, and certain setting considerations such as player species or period equipment which must be mechanically represented. Also see Nestor's answer here. Initiative The biggest difference in the system is essentially the implied dropping of the Continuous Combat initiative option from ...


A german Ubiquity-Blog called ubiHEX.


As far as I know, 2007 was the most recent printing.


One more thing. There are a couple of mechanical differences with how some Talents work. For example, The Block and Parry Talents in HEX and All For One allow you to use the corresponding maneuver as a reflexive action (instead of an attack action), while in Desolation the Talents just give the character a +2 Defense bonus against specific types of attacks (...


Well, here's the thing. Wilderness Kid Adventures is not officially a separate RPG. What it is is an idea spawned in someone's feverish mind to create adventures geared towards the younger set using the Ubiquity system. There have been a few runs created, most if not all unveiled in GenCons past. The runs have been very well received (I believe this year's ...


Sechin Tower, whose a lead developer for Exile Games, has a writer's blog that includes material about pulp gaming with HEX and in general. That's one.

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