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No, but it does seem like you're asking the wrong question. Making changes before you know how to assess those changes worth is asking for trouble. You're running a gestalt game, combining house rules with pathfinder and 3.5 and you haven't actually sat down at a session yet. If this was a pure duskblade, there would be no problem adding some extra spells ...


Don't replace it. You have a shard of an infernal "prince" (title inflation is so... common in hell these days) in you, and it should provide power as it wants. Evil is known for it's subtle seduction as well as its more overt corruption and destruction. "Hey, if you fight these guys," a voice from your soul whispers, "they won't hit you as often. And we ...


Your changes are not likely to unbalance the class in play, though they do seem sort of pointless, to be honest. Jet of Steam and Magic Missle aren't really any better than Kelgore's Fire Bolt, and neither can be used with Arcane Channeling. Bloodletting is strictly less powerful than Shocking Grasp once you hit level 3. Escalating Enfeeblement is... ...


My advice is to go ahead and say "don't split up." Explain that if they split up then that means times when some of the players are sitting around the table doing nothing. It might make sense character-wise to split the party, but sometimes you have to do things that not character-wise to be player-wise. Not splitting the party is one of those things.


I see some that may be problematic: This is a PC only bonus This has an unclear result when PC's are taken out by enemy fire entire group is nebulous in many cases. In turn... PC Only Bonus The only rules that differ for NPCs vs PC's in d6 Star Wars are character generation. This breaks that model. If you apply it to NPC's, it simply remains balanced ...


How about Infernal Healing, a first level spell that gives fast healing 1 for a minute and uses devil blood as a component? It's really the most "infernal" first level spell. However, the protection spells are pretty handy, you could just swap for protection from chaos (also opposed to devils) and still get a lot of use from it.


It sounds like you're giving them the benefit of the combined actions rules without actually using the combined action rules (SWRPG2eRE page 82). Your proposed system not only lets them sidestep the combined actions rules, but allows them to stack with the combined action rules, allowing each character to grant +2 to the roll instead of the usual +1. ...

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