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This doesn't actually affect the balance of the game that much, certainly not enough to require that enemy monsters be modified to match. What this does affect, however, is how you distribute your stats. If you can have a 16 in your main attack stat, you will, almost guaranteed, no matter your class. There's just no really good reason not to do so, if it ...


Compare your stats to the standard array given of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. This is the standard array given in the book. Even with this, if you take the 15, give a +2 (race), at lv 4, you give it +2, by level 8, you have a 20. From levels 4-8, you have a +1 to hit/damage/AC over that standard array. This is NOT broken. if you have those that pump up one ...


The fun thing about 4th edition is that you can really wing it on monster creation. It makes DMing a snap. You want a glass cannon? Make a glass cannon. Here's how I'd do it: Make an elite monster Halve its HP (or rather, just don't double it in the first place) In place of the HP, double its damage output for all abilities Mathematically, this works ...


Refluff the attacks into something appropriately arcane. The seeker's capabilities are fine, it's just the descriptions which are problematic. For this instance, either swap the primary stat to int (it doesn't harm anything) and just describe the attacks as energy and arcane based, or ... simply describe the capabilities appropriately.

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