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There is one part of the question that isn't clear and is not addressed by SevenSidedDie: Can you choose to not activate an immediate reaction on the first occurrence of a trigger? Immediate Actions are Choices Since Immediate Actions are a choice, you can always choose to not activate a power on a trigger. If you choose not to, then you cannot use that ...


It depends on the trigger of the readied actionDDI. As already cleared out on the Player's Handbook page 291... Interrupting an Enemy: If you want to use a readied action to attack before an enemy attacks, you should ready your action in response to the enemy’s movement. That way your attack will be triggered by a portion of the enemy’s move, and you ...


Just once per round Each here is a once per round effect, unless you have a way to provide yourself with more than one immediate action in a round (I'm not aware of any right off hand). The each allows the trigger to be valid for the rest of the encounter. The problem is that the action is described as an immediate reaction. immediate actions are defined ...


Yes, An Immediate action can be used once between your turns. As long as it isn't your turn, your Immediate Action can be used whenever its trigger condition is met.


Yes, it has to be used right away. Not because it's an immediate action, but because it comes from a power that has just triggered. You don't get to choose when triggered powers take effect, even if going through with them is optional – they apply when, and only when their trigger condition happens.

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