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My reading is that the EK can, but there is little point. First, improvised weapons are, well, improvised. You pick up whatever is around and smack someone with it. If you have a class power that lets you summon any weapon, why would you not use it for a real weapon? Second, improvised weapons are fragile. A lamp can be used as a club, but probably only ...


I would say yes if it made sense. A frying pan or even a rock could be like a club. If the DM doesn't like it, they can come up with a creative way to make it not work before or during the bonding process. Perhaps a wooden chair leg splinters apart or the dead goblin gets smashed to a pulp.


This is one of those situations that the rules don't really cover and as such would be left up to the decision of the DM. Personally, I'd allow it for the sheer amusement of the player(s) but it would very much depend on what exactly is being used as the improvised weapon. From the Improvised Weapons section on page 147 of the PHB: In many cases, an ...

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