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No. ZERO was a strange experimental game from Archangel Entertainment that came out in 1997. Interface Zero is a contemporary cyberpunk RPG with both Savage Worlds and Modern20 implementations. Two separate games.


There are two systems for interface zero. Savage Worlds and True20. In order to provide an answer that fits both concepts, I shall be vague on mechanical details. The genre of Interface Zero is summarized thus: What is Interface-Zero? Interface-Zero is the True20 cyberpunk game from Reality Deviant Publications, combining elements of classic ...


Here's an old favorite. It assumes the PCs are on the wrong side of the law, and are a group. The PCs come across a top-flight industrial espionage guy dying in an alley. There's another such guy there, too; they've just killed each other. In between them lies a dataROM/diskette/whatever; it's obvious they fought over this diskette. The cops are coming. ...

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