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I do not know if there exist rules for elder Kuei-Jin chargen. So I'll try to summarize the Kin-jin (Kindred) rules. This one is from Dark Ages: Vampire which, methinks, has the latest incarnation of downtime maturation rules. The basic idea is that in downtime characters are much less active than when blood flows freely. Characters get Maturation ...


You can't breed with Dhampyrs A dhampyr can only have childs with regular humans. They can't even breed between them. Plus, the child of a dhampyr is a completely normal human, only with a strange luck, that's it. (Half-Damned: Dhampyrs chapter 2.) One generation up But if you go to the father or mother of that dhampyr, that is, of the Kuei-jin that ...


You're right. You roll the same amount of dices, but it is not the same roll as the difficulty varies. The virtue roll uses Willpower as its difficulty (enlightenment is the negation of the self), while the Po difficulty is not specified (so we should assume it's 6, although I roll at 7 to give the players fairer chances). Two things: a) Keep a low ...


Should be the capital of the of Jade Court. (Xi'an was formerly called Chang'an; see page 157 rulebook). It had a very important role in Blood and Silk and Wind from the East. If you're playing a modern-times chronicle, I'd place some really old Wu there that reminisce the times where they had much power.


They can feed on (depending on their dharma level) flesh, blood, breath and eventually on the ambient chi of the universe (source). The lower level of dharma, the more "monstrous" way of feeding is required (so with very low dharma you have to eat corpses). If you like some homebrew rules extending those, please check this page

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