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It might be possible to reconstruct a couple of basic words through cryptographic analyzation. But that most certainly would be the work of months or years and not something do to within minutes or hours. Best chance would be to figure out some gramatic rules, but it would probably be impossible to learn the meaning of nouns or verbs. You might even be able ...


No. Not in the least reasons being that cryptography is the creation of cipher and code methodologies, and cryptanalysis is the skill of turning encrypted text into plain text. While they may go hand in hand, they are not necessarily the same thing. However, cryptanalysis still somewhat relies on the person doing the code breaking to either be a native or ...


I would say no. Cryptography is the skill/art of encoding and decrypting messages, breaking and creating such codes. A Cryptographer might be able to decrypt a book, only to find that it is in a language that they don't speak. This happens often in the modern world.

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