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From what I see about 5e Elves and Dwarves it seems like it depends but let's assume this situation: Typical Tolkien-like structure of languages. What we have first is Dwarven and Elfish are alien. Those languages have no correlation to each other - Elfish borrowed some things from Welsh and Finnish, Dwarven - closer to Semitic family of languages. To ...


Do whatever you like; humanity is not a precedent for fantasy races in a fantasy world. That is, just because humans must learn to speak doesn't mean that elves etc. can't sprout Elvish etc. as soon as they are born. Human development does not have to serve as an analogue of Elf development. Unless you want it to of course. The same is true of all racial ...


The character would know a culturally-taught language unless the background accounted for it. Although the PHB indicates that it is the physical race, that's really nonsensical given the character concept. This falls well within the expected tweaking of character background encouraged by the rule set. I cannot imagine it causing a problem.

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