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The language is a curse. You would have no understanding of the language out of combat unless you took it as a bonus language. Essentially while in combat your character would be trying to speak Common (or whatever language is its base language.) but instead the cursed language would be the words spoken.


I think you're thinking too hard. My interpretation is that the cursed oracle gets an extra language (on top of any other source of natural languages or bonus languages) that can be used at all times. During combat, the curse restriction is that the oracle can only use the language associated with the curse. The cursed oracle does not have to burn a rank ...


The bonus language granted by the Tongues curse is added to the languages you know, not the languages you can choose to know by virtue of high intelligence. Here's why: You apply your character's Intelligence modifier to: The number of bonus languages your character knows at the start of the game." Note the wording: Bonus languages are ...


There are two possible parsings of that phrase I see. Both allow for the Oracle to speak in combat due to the wording of the rest of the class feature. A: "You gain the selected language as a bonus language." This is the most common reading I have seen, you gain the language as a known language, in addition to every other language you might speak. ...


I have always read You gain the selected language as a bonus language, as meaning that you add the language to your list of known languages when you create your character (as a bonus language), not that you add the language to the list of bonus languages you can choose from to learn with a high intelligence modifier. The reason I believe this is that ...


in D&D 5e drow get under common and elvish not common and elvish. i know this because i had to take a background that gave me a language so i could get the common language when i played a drow.

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