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Blood and Tears, Simplified. I have tried this yesterday, using a modified version of John Wick's Blood & Tears system. The modifications, and the reasons thereof, are given below. It works with a steam punk aesthetic. Apart from changes made in order to simplify the system, satisfying this point needed a considerate amount of thought. By ...


While painting it would help minimally for keeping its shape, for use as an actual weapon it would be useless. It might survive the first blow or two but after hitting people a couple times, or something being dropped on it, it's gonna break.


You are exactly right, the material characteristics of expanded foam after it is cured are not suitable for LARPS weapons. PU foam is, however, good for making props due to the ability to get it into a rough shape and then carve in the fine details. However to paint it and preserve you need to do some extra steps by adding layers of painter tape, and paper ...

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