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Ex Arcana The latest, most well developed, most extensive skein (setting) for the CHRONOS live-action rules set is a steampunk-wizards-in-the-modern-day game that's easily used in a 19th century setting. The game requires the use of the CHRONOS and Ex Arcana decks--yes, this LARP uses cards for character creation and resolution--but poses no risk to ...


DramaSystem LARP I recommend the LARP adaptation of the DramaSystem found in the companion book Blood on the Snow. You will need both that and the core Hillfolk book - though it is possible that you could use just the SRD. My experience with DramaSystem is as normal tabletop - but in most of our play, it evolved organically into the Nordic-style semi-live ...


There's one in playtest now, branded as Dresden Lives. The last iteration I saw, run at the Double Exposure conventions in New Jersey, used the Deck of Fate as part of its resolution mechanic, and the description lists conversion from the DFRPG to these new Live-Action Rules.


MeetUp is Your Friend You can try meetup, which helps people find like-minded people for various activities, including LARPing. Your Local Game Store is Also Your Friend My local comic book shop also sells LARP equipment, and they can usually point people to a group. I would suggest trying that place out.


Incorporate the character's name into the item used to represent the skillcape (or other thing) in some way, in a manner that can be erased and replaced with another name by GMs to save on cost. Wet-erase markers are probably the way to go here: they're cheap and players can't cheat them without some effort. If someone does cheat the system even though you ...

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