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Yes, the interpretation is correct. First, let's do a breakdown of the various steps: Werewolf uses his Predatory Aura to put the Submissive condition on the Mage Mage fails the resist roll, so he now has the Submissive condition What are the consequences: Submissive: Your character faced the full bore of a Rahu’s essence. He’s cowed, and cannot ...


No. In Mage 1st edition Mage Sight is an Unveiling spell. The target of the spell is typically the mage herself, and the effect of the spell is to expand the senses of the target, to allow her to clearly perceive supernatural powers and resonance. While under the effects of Mage Sight, the mage can scrutinize what she is seeing to drive meaning out of it. ...


It provides the “degree of sympathetic connection.” In other words, how closely they are connected; the strength of their connection. It doesn't tell how they're connected or the details and history of the connection, just how closely they are connected — and therefore, how useful their connection would be for casting a Sympathetic Spell.

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