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The easiest way to do this is with Feats The spelltouched feat Omniscient Whispers (Unearthed Arcana 94) grants the creature the extraordinary ability to use 1/week an effect like the spell commune [div] (Player's Handbook 211) for 1 question that leaves the creature exhausted. Note: A generous DM may permit a character with an appropriately ridiculous ...


The spontaneous divination variant of the wizard from Complete Champion is the closest I can imagine for this. It allows you to swap a spell for any divination of the same (or lower) level, similar to how a cleric can swap a spell for a cure or inflict spell or a druid can swap a spell for a summon nature’s ally spell. This replaces your 5th-level bonus ...


Merls have answered this, you add the bonus once per target. So if you target all missiles at the same creature you add the bonus just once, if you target them at different creatures you get the bonus on each target hit. https://twitter.com/mikemearls/status/487995399899074560


Number 1 is the correct one. You only get the damage once (And in fact on a spell like, say magic missile, which it's targeting the same creature multiple times, you still only get it once. This is not exactly addressed directly in the rules, though Mike Mearls has tweeted about it several times). That said, which damage type it falls under is not ...

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