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From the website: The Theme Maid is a game where all the players are maids who serve a master. The gamemaster, or "GM", plays the role of the master. It is by default a lighthearted anime-themed roleplaying game of conflict, friendship, romance, and overcoming adversity for the sake of the master. Crazy events happen all the time in the mansion; a ...


You can get away without using a prepared scenario in Maid RPG, at least at first. Have the Master give some arbitrary orders, roll on the random events chart, and watch the players scramble for Favor points in the resulting chaos. To make a scenario, you essentially want three things: A problem or situation that can't be resolved in a single encounter A ...


Institute some kind of out-of-character "dare" mechanic. "I dare you to..."


This game is a super duper toolkit, which means that the advice here and there are namely about two things, helping you hit your stride. Presuming your britishness hasn't gotten in the way of your other roleplaying, there are two problems. A> Playing a different gender then yourself. B> Playing romantic situations with others. Because the game is a ...


A friend of mine ran Maid using the anime/manga Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) as inspiration. The basic summary of the game was that a multitude of demonic guests were showing up at the manor with various outlandish and conflicting requests, and the PCs had to deal with it all.


No. Rules as written, Stress never resets automatically to zero except after a Stress Explosion. However, the game's translator posted on Twitter that he believes it would be a reasonable house rule: Ewen Cluney The game is vague about between-session stuff, but I would reset Stress to 0 unless it's a very direct continuation. By a technicality, ...

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