Maid: the Role Playing Game, by Ryo Kamiya. An anime-inspired RPG in which the player characters are maids in a mansion.

Maid: the Role Playing Game (Japanese: メイドRPG, Maid RPG) was first released in Japanese in 2004 by Ryo Kamiya, and translated into English in 2008 by Ewen Cluney. The player characters are maids in a mansion, and are tasked to follow the orders of the Master, the mansion's owner, who is an NPC controlled by the GM.

Although Japanese tabletop RPGs have been written before (e.g. Sword World RPG in 1989), Maid RPG is the first Japanese RPG officially translated into English. The English translation combines the original Maid RPG with two Japanese sourcebooks published in 2005, 恋するメイドRPG (Koi Suru Meido, "Maids in Love") and 夢みるメイドRPG (Yume Miru Meido, "Dreaming Maids").

Maid RPG is (in)famous for its more risqué rules, including seduction. However, these are optional rules which originally appeared in a separate expansion. Maid RPG is inspired by Japanese animation, which has a wide range of age-appropriateness levels, and the tone of the game session is ultimately decided by the players.

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