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I've played the game once and we used an A2 sheet of paper (okay, okay, we used 2 pieces of A3 taped together...) and another A3 sheet for recording the world's history. We didn't spend very long drawing landscape, but that was more because of keeping things broad then because of the size of the paper. If you look at the document and the example in it about ...


For inside the asteroid, if it's along the inside of a cylinder, I suggest going with a traditional dungeon mapping software and just saying that two opposite sides of your map touch (conceptually rolling the map into a tube). DungeonMapper For 3D modeling the asteroid, that can be tricky. 3DS max, as nerre said, is a good tool, but it has a steep learning ...


If you can "imagine" a 2d representation, you can "pull" the image into 3d with sketch up. How you would represent this in a game tool is another matter :) You'd probably be better off to use a 2d representation, using isometric views, but if you really wanted to go down that road, you could use something like Unreal Engine or Panda3d.


For the three dimensional mapping you could use a 3D-renderer like Blender, Maya, 3D-Studio-Max. You would not actually have to render them, you could just type in the coordinates of little placeholder objects and name them so you know what they symbolize. Use the programm and file as a 3d-map. Using sprites or doing a few simple tutorials, you could even ...

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