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Roll20 supports running a game with multiple game masters. The caveat, as I understand it, is that all the players will be on the same page, while the game masters can work on any page. The creator of the game will need to be a subscriber to Roll20 if you need any subscriber features for your campaign.


If you want to use something very easy you can use ANAMAP. It's a tool created out of frustration with too large, too complex editors with hideous, outdated pixel graphics. It only gives you an outline of your dungeon/villa/street/anything really and lots of decor etc. is abstracted by "Furniture" blue box, so it's not imposing any descriptive limits on your ...


http://twintailedcomet.com has a Google Map view with all labels removed. It starts zoomed in on a city in Europe, but if you know where New York is, you can zoom in there instead, and print or screenshot it.


This might not have everything you need, but it's a great tool. http://pyromancers.com/dungeon-painter-online/

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