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Gridmapper is a web tool. You can draw the map using your keyboard, which is what makes it fast for me. If you're sitting in different locations, then the mapper can set it to "auto save" and everbody else sets it to "auto load" and it should work, too -- with some lag. Your map will end up saved on a wiki.


Lacking a scanner, most mobile phones have cameras that are good enough. You can read normal-sized text on a full-size legal document in the images from my 7-year-old iPhone. So it shouldn't be hard to take several closer images of the original map, use pretty much any photo-editing software to get it reasonably lined up, then print it normally. There will ...


You could use a scanner, scale it up, and print it. Or you can buy very nice digital copies from the artist Mike Schley, and print them. Go to staples or office Depot and ask about engineering prints. You should be able to get a large map printed for a few dollars.

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