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Grid Cartographer is a mapping tool that supports hexes. Cons: Doesn't have a wide gamut of features. It's fairly limited. Pros: Does what it does very well. It's a responsive and attractive tool. Dead simple to use. It's a paid tool (US$20) but there also exists a free version is fairly generous with what it lets you do.


Hexographer Hexographer is a tool for creating hex maps by painting. It offers a number of icon sets and is capable of working in color. You can try the free version to decide if it is right for you - for many, the free version is all that is necessary. While it can do map creation (and even map fill-in), it is not just a generator. If your vision can be ...


I found this some time ago, it's a map creator (it can create orthogonal, isometric and hexagonal maps). To use it you will have to download a hexagonal tile set, the software is really easy to use. There is also a tutorial to create hexagonal maps.


Photoshop, Paint.NET, GIMP, Paint Tool SAI, or any program with both Layering and transparency options. Once you have your map uploaded on your PC, open it up, and then create a new layer and open this image. Copy it after loading it in to preserve the transparency and then paste it onto your preexisting map. If you're using Photoshop and you need to make ...


If all you want is a cool world map, donjon has a generic world generator that works pretty good and runs online (you can easily export the maps, though). If you happen to be running a fantasy campaign or one of a handful of scifi systems there are slightly enhanced generators available on that site as well. All of the stuff is free, and takes basically no ...

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