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Paper dolls/figures/models Similar trick is used in miniature wargames. There are lots of this stuff on the internet. Probably you will find what you want without a problem. Just search for paper models/figures. You can just print them on paper and glue it to appropriate size base, but I would recommend you to use game stands, which are very ...


Being the cheap DM I am, I typically use Dice as tokens. I have a small collection of tokens that are typically used for the players, and some of my players have their own tokens, but I also have a bag of about 200 dice that I bought pretty cheaply in bulk. I use different dice to represent different monsters and put a specific number up to represent that ...


Kitchen sponges are cheap and you can cut them into fancy shapes or simple cubes and they come in different colors, you can draw on then with Sharpies or paint them if you really wanted, can cram a dozen into an altoids tin and thousands into a shoebox, or just stuff them in your pockets and not worry about them scratching or breaking or creasing.


Take a photo from your playbook with your smartphone and AirPlay / Chromecast to the tv. Works great.

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