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Games Workshop related shops often have workshop-days where you can get together with some people and paint stuff. It usually means there's at least one employee who has some experience and a bunch of other people with varying levels of skills available. You can check any nearby Games Workshop stores to see if they host any in your area.


There are a large number of technique things you're going to figure out for yourself, but I can't stress enough how much having something to rest your wrist on while painting, so only hand movement and no arm movement effects the brush will help you make stable deliberate strokes.


Miniatures intended for game play don't want or need to be painted to the level of expertise of collector figures -- but you could start with Googling "painted figurine" to get an idea how others go about it. If you have the right paints and brushes (and it sounds as if you do), it's mostly a matter of practice and color choice at the game mini level. ...

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