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A similar question about monk abilities and spells is answered here. Basically, monks are spellcasters, and they should probably be providing some kind of material component. However, a piece of fleece literally costs nothing For the other spells, a monk (and all other classes) can use a component pouch, which provides all material components for 25gp.


You are overcomplicating things here. As a monk, your unarmed strike damage is replaced with a d4 (second Martial Arts bullet point, PH78), and "[y]ou can use dexterity instead of strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes and monk weapons" (first bullet point), so you ignore the normal 1 + Str mod. Also, monks are not using the two-...


Yeah, there's a weird disjoint between the carrying capacity rules and the vehicle rules. The carrying capacity rules state that whatever your STR is determines your carrying capacity. For Large creatures, it's x2 that. And then you can drag x5 that. So if you have a 20 STR, for example, you could pull (133 lbs x 2 x 5) as a light load and a max of (400 ...


The monk uses whichever he's using. If the monk is both hasted and using Flurry of Blows, he adds an additional attack in his Flurry at the highest BAB in that Flurry. If, for some reason, he's not using Flurry of Blows (maybe he's using a non-monk weapon?), he adds an additional attack at the BAB in that full attack.

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