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Characters don't have a facing when it comes to combat rules so you shouldn't use concepts like "which way was the monk facing". However where it is important is when someone attacks from advantage where the monk is ruled as unaware of the attack (a rogue attacking from Hidden for instance). The monk in this situation is indeed still able to use the ability ...


No, the monk need not see the incoming missile. ...you can use your reaction to deflect or catch the missile when you are hit by a ranged attack. (PHB5e p.78, emphasis mine) As you say, nothing to indicate the monk must see the incoming missile. Call it spidey-sense, or hearing it whistle through the last intervening foot, the monk can at the moment of ...


I believe you almost got it right. The increase in range and change to fire damage lasts for the duration of the turn, not the round, so you cannot use it for your reaction. However, you can spend ki points for the additional dmg on any of the attacks on your turn. You just need to spend one ki point per extra dmg hit. So if you want to do extra dmg with 2 ...


Also, depending on your DM, you can use the spell Mighty Fist of the Earth if you are dual classed as a druid.


If you are bound you are incapacitated and can take no actions, therefore cannot use shadowstep.


I believe this is one of those questions the designer left up to the DM to decide. I tried finding any reference to how teleport works in regards to any other mechanic. The only significant one I found was that teleporting out of an enemy's reach does not provoke an opportunity attack. I definitely did not find anything that mentioned teleportation in ...


I would rule yes or no depending on the situation RAW At 6th level, you gain the ability to step from one shadow into another Means: Your Hands are tied: no Problem step into the shadows Your feet tied so you cant step and you lie on the floor or are tied to a pole: No stepping no shadowstep


Yes, you can still use the ability, but it may not release you of your bonds. Ropes tied around you would teleport with you, along with the rest of your clothes and equipment. However, if you were tied to something, you would no longer be attached to it.

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