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The PHB errata clarify this as well. Eldritch Invocations (p. 110). A level prerequisite in an invocation refers to warlock level, not character level.


They are correct, you loose, well you don't get, the increase at level 19 for the Barbarian. However, you get the increase for 4 levels in the Fighter class. Hence, you are correctly assuming that you get 7 increases total. Their confusion is likely due to previous editions, notably 3e, to award ability score increases by character level, not class level. ...


You are correct, you get 7 ASIs You get 1 at Barbarian level 4. You get 1 at each of Fighter levels 4, 6, 8, 12, 14 and 16 For a total of 7 Ability score increases are computed for each class separately, and they go by class level and not character level.


You are correct, a Barbarian 4/Fighter 16 gains 7 ability score increases over the course of their career. 6 from their Fighter levels and 1 from their Barbarian levels. Obviously, if you had gone, for example, Barbarian 2/Fighter 18, you would have "lost" the level 19 ability score increase as was suggested to you, but since you took enough levels to gain ...


No. Extra Attack can only be used when taking the Attack Action. Spellcasting doesn't use the attack action so you can't use Extra Attack to cast spells.


Yes, but no need to do that; read below. If you take a class that has a class skill that you desire, and you put a rank in it, then you gain the +3 bonus. If it is a cross class skill, and you put a rank in it, then you don't get the +3 bonus. If you have Craft, Profession, or Perform as a class skill, and almost all classes do, then you also have ALL ...

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