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So albeit coming a little bit late, I do believe that there are a few things to add in here. Start with (sound)tracks that you like The most important thing, before all others, is that you'll love what you put in the background. If you don't like the music in the background, you'll start to wonder to bad places, with all of your thoughts concerning "when ...


this is a bit too long to be a comment. So I will post it as a answer Consider not using background music. Using background must sound so great. After all it works wonderful in movies. But there are few key issues: Music is added to music after. During the editing. In a game, to have the right music for a scene, means someone has to find it, and put it ...


Dragon Magazine published two articles on soundtracks, giving specific suggestions as well as how to use the music during the game. A resourceful person can probably find copies of Dragon #275 and #355 for the two articles: "The Definitive D&D Soundtrack" and "iDragon: Modern Music in D&D".

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