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Pathfinder to the rescue! In Pathfinder you can find the 3.5e-compatible CR2 Poltergeist. It's an incorporeal invisible skeletal ghost with telekinesis and scare powers. It comes originally from Tome of Horrors for 3.5 so if you want a "pure" 3.5e version it's to be found there.


Good news, by RAW you have a couple of options. First option: A wand which casts the spell Unseen Servant (Wiz 1). Crafting a wand that does this with 5 charges/day = 1,800 GP. That's relatively cheap for 5 casts that recharge daily. Second Option: Get a wand or some scrolls that allow you to cast Invisibility on a target. Then use Animate Dead, and make ...


[First off: if you have an INT of 20, you have a +5 modifier, not a +4. So a 4th level wizard with an INT of 20 can prepare 9 spells, not 8. Now on to the main question.] You may be thinking in terms of 3.5e style preparation rather than 5e. In 5e, you don't have to match spells to spell slots when preparing them. A 4th level wizard with INT 20 can prepare ...


In 5th edition, the list of spells you can prepare and the set of spell slots you get are independent things. You can prepare any 8 spells that you know. You could prepare 8 first level spells. Or 8 second level spells (don't do that). When you cast a spell, it can be any of those 8, and you choose a spell slot to cast it with. When a spell is prepared, ...

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