The New World of Darkness games: a series of urban fantasy and horror games released by White Wolf starting in 2004. Games using the God-Machine Rules Update (aka the Second Edition rules) should use the [tag:new-world-of-darkness-2e] tag instead.

The "New World of Darkness" games were released by White Wolf after they drew their classic game line to a close in 2003. Beginning with a pair of books, The World of Darkness and Vampire: The Requiem, the nWoD games were characterized by a "toolbox" approach to urban fantasy gaming, a more rigorous structure for character creation, and a rejection of the "metaplot" that was a hallmark of their earlier work.

The tag applies to games set in the new World of Darkness in general, and is also used for those sources in the nWoD line that are not attached to one of the sub-games, also known as "mortals" sourcebooks.

In 2011, the licensing to produce World of Darkness games was given to Onyx Path Publishing, a new publisher formed by former White Wolf staff. It has received a update in the God Machine Rules Update (See ), New books are being released are using the revised rules, and should not use this this tag.

Games Set in the New World of Darkness

*=These games use the Second Edition rules, and should get the tag instead.

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